Dispute Resolution Services Offered


THE PARTIES meet with the mediator on the scheduled date with or without lawyers in the same and/or separate rooms at a convenient location. Mediation involves finding common ground and bargaining by the parties meeting together and/or separately with the mediator who facilitates narrowing and ultimately resolving the disputed issues. The resulting agreement is written by the mediator to become a legally binding mediation agreement signed by the parties which will be subsequently formalized by counsel in a court order or decree as necessary.

Binding Arbitration

The parties (and/or counsel) submit their issues for a binding decision by the arbitrator in a private informal proceeding at a convenient location . The Arbitrator will review the parties’ written materials and hear their presentations directly and/or through counsel. The Arbitrator issues a written Award of Arbitrator, the terms of which are incorporated into the appropriate court order.


The mediator facilitates the parties reaching resolution of the major issues in dispute and arbitrates any remaining minor incidental or enforcement issues, all in an informal setting setting with or without counsel present.

Facilitated Family Conferences:

This concept is designed to get family members and others involved in a conflict or disagreement together in a neutral, convenient setting to exchange views and understand issues using a trained experienced facilitator. An example may be in a family decision making dispute regarding what to do when a family member cannot continue living safely in their own home. The facilitator’s role is to promote information exchange on the issues that can lead to a consensus in the areas of guardianship, family, and juvenile law, among others.

Why Arbitrate or Mediate with Fred Aronow ?

HE WILL COME TO YOU by using various offices/conference rooms throughout the Spokane area for the services offered. That means a savings to the parties because the overhead is low. The setting is informal, convenient, flexible and focused on the needs of the parties without a concern about court dockets and protocols. Mediation/Arbitration sessions can often occur WITHIN DAYS of a referral, and a mediated agreement or arbitrator’s ruling can often be completed ON THE SAME DAY that session is scheduled, depending on the scope of the matters to be resolved.
(ALL Sessions are PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL AND INFORMAL with or without lawyers present.)


Parties prepared and willing and able to present their positions directly or through their attorneys and/or negotiate in good faith.


$200 per hour divided between/among the parties for the arbitrator/mediator’s time expended in preparation, actually arbitrating or mediating the case, and preparing the mediation agreement or arbitrator’s award, or for the duration of any settlement conference/facilitated meeting.  All remaining fees are to be paid on each day services are provided. NO CHARGE for FAX’s, telephone or long distance calls (except while in session or preparation), local travel time, postage, office staff or prepaid blocks of time.


The PARTIES are each responsible for the fees/costs for their attorneys’ participation in dispute resolution. 


OTHER SERVICES OFFERED by Aronow Enterprises:

Attorney Consultations available regarding: 
Should you hire an attorney? (Are there other options?) Second opinions in family law, guardianship, juvenile court including dependencies and CPS matters.Military families in the above areas of the law.
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